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Invictus Fencing Academy provides fencing instruction and training for athletes aiming to perform at a competitive level in this unique Sport

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Fencing also enjoys an extremely rich tradition, having its roots in dueling traditions of 16th-17th century Europe. In the modern age, it is one of the few events that has been in every Olympic games since 1896. At the Invictus Fencing Academy, we are proud to continue this tradition as an elite school for competitive Fencing.

Fencing is unique a combat sport that is challenging in a number of ways. Physically, the combatant has to be strong, fast, agile, and tough. Mentally, the fencer has to be cunning, fired up, confident, resilient, and tactically smart. Within combat sports, Fencing is probably the one with the most well established rules and the safest, because of all the technology put into making the sport safe and enjoyable. It is also one of the fastest with many actions and movements completed within fractions of a second.


IFA Fencing Camp 2018

May 22nd – 26th


Simon Senft

Simon Senft

Head Coach

World class fencer in Junior and Senior. 2003 European Champion (Individual Men's Foil). 2004 German Olympic Games (Athens) Fencing Team. Multiple Medals in European and World Championships. National Coach (Foil) of Singapore 2013-2016, multiple medals for Singapore at Asian level and 3 Gold medals at SEA Games 2015 (Singapore).

Henry Koh

Henry Koh

Coach and Managing Director

2003 South East Asia Games Bronze Medalist for both individual and team foil events. Formed ranked #1 Men's Foil in Singapore for many years, multiple National Champion. Coach numerous students to medals in local and overseas competitions in Foil, Epee, and Sabre, including the 2015 Commonwealth Cadet Women's Epee champion and 2015 Asian Juniors Women's Epee Bronze medalist.

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